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About Our Vinyl Products

Country Estate -- The Original Vinyl Fencing

The durability and life-long strength of the polyvinyl chloride compounds used in the manufacture of Country Estate Fence produce a traditional fence that endures rugged use and the test of time. Country Estate Fence is a deterrent to deterioration from moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure …and time itself. Plus, maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The evidence is overwhelming. Country Estate Fence is totally superior to all conventional fencing materials. Country Estate Fence polyvinyl components are constructed of scientifically formulated 100% virgin PVC compounds …consistently outperforming any and all wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence products. Since the introduction of Country Estate Fence, equine professionals have applauded the greater protection polyvinyl fence provides their animals.The day Country Estate Fence is installed, all traditional fence maintenance halts.

PVC fencing was originated by the manufacturers of Country Estate Fence, and like a true champion, Country Estate Fence continues to outperform traditional fencing products and PVC imitators. Years and years after your decision to use Country Estate Fence, you will have transferred many maintenance dollars and workdays to better investments. Using Country Estate Fence is your best management decision.