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Country Estate Fence Facts is a 56 page full color booklet with nearly everything you'll need to understand Country Estate Fence and select the type or style for your project. Of course, you'll learn the Country Estate story and why it offers the finest warranty in the business. It even features a layout sheet to help you design your project.

Contents include full color views and basic dimensions of each fence style. Some information is offered to help you choose the right fence, post caps and hardware. We have distributed this primer to more than a million customers who find it answers most of their questions.

To all who receive this booklet, a Country Estate dealer will contact you to see if he or she can be of assistance to you. Should you need more information, simply call our toll-free number, FAX or e-mail any special requests. Our staff stands ready to assist you between 8:00AM and 5:00PM weekdays Central Standard Time. You may leave messages at other times and we will be in contact. You may also contact us by e-mail at Stephanie Aden.

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Home - Residential - Equine - Decking/Railing - Warranty - Frequently Asked Questions