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A warm welcome
begins with the
to your front door.

Country Estate® provides the largest array of fence styles and functionality.
Pick your favorite style or a combination of styles to satisfy your fencing needs
and enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Before Country Estate Fencing became available, beauty's costs included miserable hours of scraping and painting with the nagging realization that it would have to be done again, soon. With Country Estate Fencing, all traditional fence maintenance disappears and the beauty remains year after year after year.

(Fence style shown: Caribbean)

For quiet moments alone or outdoor entertaining, create an outdoor room. Surround yourself with four walls of Country Estate Privacy Fence. Use the sky as your ceiling. Your fence will provide total privacy and eliminate intrusion by neighbors, their children or their pets. Also, solid wall privacy fences with lush garden plantings dampen street noises.

(Fence style shown to right: Windsor)

If security is your concern, consider Country Estate's six-foot tall Lakeland. It affords maximum privacy and it is a fence that is very difficult to climb over.

(Fence style shown: Lakeland)

Whether you wish to keep children in or out, choose a fence that meets these criteria:

  • Difficult to climb over
  • Allows surveillance from both sides of the fence
  • Will always be as strong as the day it is installed
  • Will not produce sliver and splinters

Attention Homeowners and Fence Installers: Check your local building codes. Always choose a Country Estate Fence style that meets your local requirements.

(Fence style shown to right: Malibu)

With Country Estate, privacy comes in numerous styles. Choose one that complements your home and lifestyle. Some styles provide both privacy and airflow for those summer evenings in your back yard.

(Fence style shown: Melbourne with Lattice)

The total cost of owning a Country Estate Fence is lower than the total cost of owning a wood fence.

In most areas, wood's first cost is lower than Country Estate Fencing. But wood's first cost is merely a ticket to a lifetime of maintenance and replacement costs.

(Fence style shown to right: Hannibal)

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