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Colors & Options

So many fences...So many choices...

Country Estate Vinyl Products are available in white, almond, gray and adobe. We have a variety of optional cap styles to choose from as well.

If you are interested in a Lakeland privacy fence or a rail fence and prefer a more wood-grained look, ask your local Country Estate Authorized Independent Dealer to talk to you about streaking and embossing options for these fence styles.

“Streaking” is a new process in which a darker colored pigment is streaked through either our almond or gray material to give a variegated, wood grain appearance. The surface of the material is smooth (although it is suitable for our new embossing process if you also want a simulated wood-textured surface) and it is the same quality material that we use in our solid-colored products. Streaking is available in almond or gray.

Our embossed products are our regular, high quality Country Estate profiles, but they are embossed with a wood grain pattern. We think these embossed products will suit the tastes of customers who prefer a fence with a more wood-like appearance and a less glossy finish than our standard vinyl profiles. Embossing is also available in our Country Estate Decking.